Create beautiful charts

Enhance capability of your dashboard
  • Exceptional designs
  • Customable graph
  • 30 credits free to use
  • A community

How does it work ?

Connect to your account

Every users need to have a google account to use this library.

Select a chart in library

Once you are connected, you can select a chart and try it (completely free - no credit card ask). Each test cost 10 credits.

Copy a link directory

Every time you try or add a chart, a link is generated. You can find your link in the documentation under the graphique image.

Use with Data studio

Go to your reporting data studio. In edit mode, to the right of the button add a graphic, then click on the explore more button. After, select build your own visualization and add the link in the manifest path




Can I use Chart Studio for free?


You can try. You have up to 30 credits to use (10 credits / graph) for one day. After that, the file will be deleted.

Do I need my credit card details to sign up?

No need at all!

We only need your email address, and then you can start to try any graph you want up to 3.

How to unsubscribe?


Go to your account page, click on the button Unsubscribe. At the next month, you won't be charge

Do you plan to add more chart?

Of course!

I'm open to suggestions. If you think some visual need to be add in this library, send me a message, i will do it as soon as possible